We, as a club, place a massive emphasis on team spirit and sportsmanship, both of which we believe are invaluable assets in life. Our club is run for the players and we aim to provide a friendly, fun, safe atmosphere in which they and their game can develop.

We run teams at the following age groups:


Kingston Wildcats Junior Programmes in CVL

Under 10 (school years 3 – 5) this is mixed girls and boys

Under 12 (school years 6 – 7) this is mixed girls and boys 

Kingston Wildcats National League and CVL Programmes

Under 14 Boys (school years 8 – 9)

Under 16 Boys (school years 10 – 11)

Under 18 Women (school year 8 – 13)


To find out more about the teams that we run, go to Contact us and leave us a message.