Club Objectives

We exist to further the following objectives:

  • To provide opportunities to increase participation in sport through the use of basketball
  • To provide community development through the use of basketball
  • Long term Athlete Development programs
  • To achieve these objectives the club carries out the following activities;
  • Gaining membership to appropriate leagues and governing bodies for the purpose of establishing regular competitive play for the organisations representative teams
  • The provision of high quality training and playing facilities for members.
  • Promoting and maintaining the highest standards of technical competence of club members
  • Providing equal opportunities for successful participation in the sport by all sections of the community.
  • Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle by educating members on all aspects of staying fit & Healthy such as healthy eating.
  • All players, parents and volunteers sign a code of conduct which we all adhere to strictly.
  • Encourage parents and other family members to participate as club volunteers, in roles such as committee members, coaches, officials and fundraisers, etc.
  • Provide sporting opportunities to encourage people not normally involved with sport to take up a more active lifestyle